Vegan Palak “Paneer” (Dairy and Oil-Free Recipe)

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Before I became a vegan, Indian food was probably one of my favorite cuisines in the world. Although Indian food has some of the easiest recipes to veganize, ironically enough, I seem to eat it less frequently now. I mostly blame it on my after-school exhaustion; after a long day of classes, I am more than ready just to throw some potatoes in the oven, make a haphazard salad, and call it a night! That being said, Palak Paneer has always been one of my favorite dishes. If I had the patience, I could probably eat this every single night.

(I would also smell very strongly of curry though, so perhaps it is a good thing I do not).

Vegan Palak Paneer

If you are familiar with Indian food, you know the term “Paneer” usually refers to cheese. Luckily, this soft cheese can easily be substituted with firm or extra firm tofu! When I took pictures for this recipe, I originally roasted my tofu to make it crispy around the edges. However, the second time I made it for friends I just cubed the tofu and simmered it with the sauce in the pan. I think it really comes down to personal preference!

One final note: this is definitely my interpretation of a vegan Palak Paneer. I modified this recipe to suit my taste preferences and in no way claim to be a master of Indian cuisine 🙂 Personally, I love it! If you end up trying it out and feel the same way, please let me know by leaving a comment or tagging me on Instagram.

Now, on to the recipe!


This recipe was adapted from Veg Recipes of India

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  1. I tried this yesterday and it was AWESOME. I love indian food so much. Instead of regular tofu I added some baked tofu and that was great. I also added some peas to get more veggies in. One thing I did want to ask: I haven’t noticed any more instant pot recipes so I was wondering if you have more recipes that you make with the instant pot. I’m thinking about getting it but I honestly don’t know what to use it for besides beans.

    1. That’s awesome, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I think adding peas is a great idea too 🙂 Honestly I mostly use my instant pot to cook my beans as well, but I am planning on coming up with some more recipes for it soon!