Strawberry Kiwi Oatmeal Parfaits

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There’s just something about using simple ingredients and technique that makes a recipe more comforting and satisfying.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Really Caitlin, you think those parfaits look simple? Well, to someone who is a food blogger, I’d call them pretty simple! Honestly, getting the fruit to stick to the side of a glass cup or jar is a LOT easier than it looks. All you need is a good knife to cut the fruit thinly, and to gently, but firmly, press said fruit into the side of the glass. The fruit should be moist enough that it will act as a sort of suction cup and will hold its place, whatever you decide to pour on top of it.

I know smoothie parfaits are what’s trending on the internet, but I thought I would make some with oats instead, because (1) morning bowls of oats and basically the equivalent of a warm hug, and (2) you’re not going to catch me shivering and wrapped up in blanket, just so I can drink a smoothie in the dead of winter. Plus, Lee From America keeps making the most dreamy non-smoothie parfaits, and I wanted to see if I could whip up something half as amazing as her creations.

I cook my oats in water because I have grown accustomed to that taste and still find them to be creamy, but if you cook your oats in plant milk (or a mix of water and milk), feel free to do that as well. Obviously you do not have to make your parfaits look as pretty as I did either, but I will say it was a great stress reliever for me! If you do end up taking a photo, be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see your masterpiece.


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