From Your Bowl


All food tells a story.

The food we eat throughout our lives shapes us into who we are, quite literally. Home-cooked food is not only deeply personal and nostalgic, but it also preserves stories, history, and culture. For those of us trying new-to-us recipes for the first time, it can be a “gateway” into learning more about other cultures as well.

While I love and enjoy a wide variety of foods from around the world, it doesn’t always feel like my place to share them as a white person.  I believe that in order to learn truly authentic recipes and cooking techniques from other cultures, we must turn to the people who grew up in those cultures.

That’s where #FromYourBowl comes into play.


“From Your Bowl” is a monthly series that strives to increase diversity in food media. The main goals of this series are to:

  • Highlight BIPOC bloggers and allow them to share their voices and creativity via this platform.
  • Expose our audience to more diverse range of creators, recipes, and ideas.

While highlighting different voices is important, we also believe that a “free guest post” is not enough – all creatives should be compensated for their time. Each creator will be paid $500 and reimbursed for all expenses involved in the project. $500 will be also donated to a charity of their choice, in their name. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email

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If you are a (or know a) BIPOC blogger who creates plant-based food*, please fill out the form below to be considered for this series.

*While the individual or their blog does not have to be entirely vegan, this series will share vegan recipes, as this is a vegan blog.