Gift Ideas for Home Cooks & Foodies at any Budget

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Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, birthday, or big life event, these gift guides are perfect for the home cook or foodie in your life!

My biggest intention with gifting is to find products that are not only beautiful, but also functional. I like to keep clutter to a minimum, and there’s nothing worse than keeping a gift around that you have no intention of using. These all-season gift guides are perfect for the home cook or foodie in your life.

Whether you have a small or large budget or are celebrating a birthday, graduation, holiday, or other life event, there’s something in these gift guides for you!

Table of Contents
  1. Home Kitchen Gift Ideas Under $50
  2. Gift Ideas for the Home Cook Under $100
  3. Big Ticket Kitchen Gift Ideas

Home Kitchen Gift Ideas Under $50

Collage of various gift ideas including spices, pans, cooking utentils, and cutting boards.
  1. Diaspora Co. Spices: ($8+) single-origin, ethically sourced, fresh spices – what’s not to love?! You can seriously taste and smell the quality difference with Diaspora Co, and I’ve been slowly stocking my pantry with their spices. My favorites are the Peni Miris Cinnamon, Guntur Sannam Chili, Iniya Cardamom, and Pragati Turmeric. You can build your own three-pack gift box for only $33.
  2. Cast Iron Grill Pan: ($22) Perfect for chilly weather or people who don’t have a grill, you can make burgers, veggies, paninis, and more in this pan! There’s also a larger reversible griddle option ($33) if you have more space. Complete the gift with a cast-iron sandwich press ($20) to make those perfect grill lines.
  3. Chef’s Knife: ($60) This Victorinox chef’s knife is consistently top-rated and considering the price point, is a true steal. It’s my main knife I use for work, and the reviews speak for themselves! If you’d like a shorter knife, the 6-inch version is less than $25.
  4. Ceramic Mugs: ($45-50+) Collecting handmade mugs has become one of my favorite activities, and is the perfect gift for the coffee or tea lover in your life! Mary Carrol Ceramics and Alex Apland only sell via pop-up sales, but I also love Campfire Pottery and Earth and Element.
  5. Mandoline: ($19) a mandoline will cut your kitchen prep time down significantly, and is the best way to get uniform, thin slices! This handheld one has knotches to rest on a bowl, too. If you want to be extra careful you can also get these cut-resistant gloves ($10).
  6. Mini Coquette: ($20-30) The cutest little pot, this mini coquette is perfect for roasting garlic in the oven or single-serve baking
  7. Cookbooks!: ($20+) Obviously I’m biased, but I think my cookbook, Simply Delicious Vegan, is great!  A few of my other favorites include the Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook, Mississippi Vegan, The Vegan Chinese Kitchen, and Whole Food Cooking Every Day.
  8. Marble Rolling Pin: ($33) This rolling pin is as much beautiful decor as it is functional! I have a rolling pin with handles and to be honest, I never use them. I much prefer this sleek design, which also gives you more rolling surface area.
  9. High-Quality Olive Oil: ($37) Brightland’s Alive and Awake oils are flavor-packed and well-loved. I love to save the bottles and use them as bud vases afterwards, too!
  10. Vinegar: ($44) This attractive duo of vinegars from Brightland will look great on your countertop, and taste great on your dishes. You can also check your local grocer or farmer’s market for some local artisanal companies near you!
  11. Mortar & Pestle: ($16+) The perfect device to pound your fresh spices or macerate garlic. Plus it looks great 🙂
  12. Stone Spoon Rest: ($15) A simple yet impactful kitchen upgrade, this marble spoon rest adds a touch of class to your stovetop.
  13. Rishi Tea: ($13+) Rishi is hands-down my favorite tea company…and I drink a lot of tea. The flavor and quality of their herbal blends are simply unparalleled! Turmeric Ginger, Cinnamon Plum, Mystic Mint, and Valerian Dream are some of my favorite herbal blends, but you really can’t go wrong. You can also order a variety of tea “samplers” for as little as $2 each, which would make great stocking stuffers!
  14. The BEST Chili Oil: ($15) To say we are obsessed with this chili oil would be an understatement. It comes at a higher price point (due to the high-quality ingredients), which makes it perfect for gifting.
  15. Mushroom Kit: ($35) Growing your own artisanal mushrooms has never been easier! It’s so fun to watch them quickly grow, plus you get a tasty treat afterwards.
  16. Cake Stand with Cloche: ($30) Even if your loved one isn’t a cake maker, I love using a cake stand to hold other baked goods and breads (store-bought or homemade). I highly recommend gifting one with a cloche, or glass cover – it helps keep the baked goods fresh longer, and keeps pests away.
  17. Nice Cutting Board: ($15+) HomeGoods is my favorite place to snag unique and affordable charcuterie and cutting boards, but this acacia wood one is a steal at $25, too.
  18. Chic Kitchen Utensils: ($28) These non-stick cooking utensils are stain-resistant, cute, and functional! Perfect for a new cook or housewarming gift.
  19. Drippy Tahini: ($17-30) Soom Foods is hands down my favorite tahini – it’s deliciously drippy, wonderfully nutty, and has no bitter aftertaste like other brands! You can build your own 3-pack for only $25 – if you do, buy a bottle of the dark chocolate tahini with sea salt for yourself and thank me later. Trust.
  20. Finishing Salt: ($35) Jacobsen Salt Co. is a local Portland company, so they have a special place in my heart. That being said, this cute gift pack of finishing salts is delicious regardless! I love how they come with a wooden holder, making them perfect to display in your kitchen.

Gift Ideas for the Home Cook Under $100

Collage of gift ideas under $100 including pans, centerpiece bowls, kitchen aprons, and an instant pot
  1. Ceramic Mixing Bowls: ($89) Glass bowls are great, but this handmade ceramic bowl makes all of those homemade batters and bakes feel even more special. The handle for grabbing and pour spot makes it incredibly functional, too!
  2. Brass Pepper Mill: ($95) This pepper mill is as beautiful as it is functional! An adjustable grinder lets you choose the coarseness of your pepper, which is key for maximum flavor.
  3. Stainless Steel Wok: ($72) From my experience, a wok is something most people don’t own, but will love once they have it! From making large stir frys to steaming vegetables, this affordable stainless steel pot has become a staple in my kitchen.
  4. Ceramic Tea Pot: ($77) I love Rishi’s more affordable simple brews, but this ceramic tea pot is truly stunning. Plus the tea gets to infuse and move freely with all of the liquid, which brews a better tasting cup. *This option is adorable and only $40!
  5. Ceramic Oil Cruet: ($115) These handmade, opaque ceramic oil cruets will keep your oils fresh and stylish. Other options include this affordable $25 option (in multiple colors!) or this two-tone version for only $20.
  6. Oil & Vinegar Tasting Set: ($69) This full-size oil and vinegar set from Kosterina is cost-effective and attractive! I’m drizzle the Greek Herb & Lemon Olive Oil on almost everything.
  7. Hedley & Bennet Apron: ($68+) Hedley & Bennet’s aprons are a staple in my kitchen – they’re durable, have all the pockets, and come in a style for everyone.
  8. Centerpiece or Fruit Bowls: ($60-80) Another great idea that most people won’t think to buy themselves, but will love! Search around for your favorites, but Crate & Barrel has some good ones (white ceramic, white wood, warm wood).
  9. Elevated Stemware: ($9-72) Replace those standard glasses with an elevated design and they’ll think of you every time they pour a glass. I particularly love this set from West Elm, but you could also search for vintage glasses on Etsy. I recommend a set of 6-8 so they can be used for entertaining.
  10. Instant Pot (or fun accessories): ($80+) I love using my Instant Pot to quickly cook dry beans, and grains, or even for homemade vegetable broth. If your giftee already has one, give them some fun accessories like this inner pot with handles ($40) and/or a silicone cover ($17).

Big Ticket Kitchen Gift Ideas

Collage of gift ideas including pots and pans, blenders, mixing bowls, and a hydroponic garden
  1. Caraway Home Cookware Set: ($395) This complete cookware set comes in 6 attractive colorways
  2. Diaspora Co. Masala Dabba: ($200+ This chic (and effective!) brass spice container can hold all of your fairly sourced, single origin spices from Diaspora Co. This kit comes with 7 spices as well!
  3. Ceramic Nesting Bowls: ($312) Your home work won’t need (or want to use) any other mixing bowls again. These high-quality ceramic bowls come in a variety of colors and sizes for every occasion. (Note: this shop is temporarily closed but these mixing bowls are similar!)
  4. Breville Milk Cafe Frother: ($160) I love using this milk frother for my lattes! It can make both hot and cold foam, and you can add ingredients directly to the dishwasher-safe container. Homemade hot chocolate, anyone?
  5. Le Creuset Dutch Oven: ($390+) Le Creuset pans will last a lifetime (or several!) and are incredibly sturdy and well made. They are coated cast iron, which gives them a durable, stain-resistant finish. I use my dutch oven for soups, stews, pasta, and roasting in the oven, too.
  6. Hydroponic Indoor Garden: ($499-649 with sale) I love using my indoor Gardyn to grow herbs, lettuces, and flowers – especially in the winter! The self-watering AI is amazing, especially the vacation mode. It’s also great for small spaces, or aspiring gardeners who don’t have a green thumb.
  7.  Vitamix High-Speed Blender: ($345-598) I have the Vitamix Ascent 3500 (linked), but any model Vitamix (like the more affordable Explorian) works great! This blender really can do it all, from the creamiest smoothies and sauces to homemade nut butter!
  8. Stagg Electric Kettle: ($165) This attractive electric kettle is great for the coffee or tea lovers because you can choose the heating point to the degree – plus it can hold that temperature for an hour! If you’re not into pourovers, the Corvo model (which I own) comes in a a slightly lower price point.
  9. Caraway Home Bakeware Set: ($395) any home baker will love the coated ceramic Caraway bakeware set, which comes with cake pans, baking pans, baking sheets, a muffin tin, and a cooling rack! You can also purchase a half set at a lower price point, or mix and match a la carte items of your choosing. It comes in 5 different colorways, too!

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